The Dissociated Diet

Diet disociadaEntre the many diets that can be found, one of which is dissociated diet. The foundations of dissociated diet is based on not mixing carbohydrates with proteins in the same meal. Generally, it is intended that carbohydrates are eaten during the early morning hours, and proteins (meat, fish) are taken to the dinner.

Some time ago I wrote a post where he explained the dissociated diet I saw on Antena 3. I gave my point of view but, for your information, step detallaros a little more what the dissociated diet and valoréis yourselves if you follow it worth it or not.

A day in the diet coupled

Upon awakening, you can take as much fruit as you like, excluding bananas and the fruits that have as many calories. During this breakfast, you can see the fruit used to be satisfied and to provide lots of fiber. I do not see anyone who has the courage to eat 3 pieces of fruit at breakfast, but hey, if you follow it well, I think you have to eat a considerable amount of fruit just get up.

At lunchtime, the same. More fruit and more carbohydrates to fill you walking around your body. In my mid-morning I feel like something like half a sandwich of bread with some turkey inside, but hey, the diet is, and so I explain it.

For lunch, we went to eat more carbohydrates, this time more fiber (vegetables that you feel like doing) and bread, pasta or bread on the amount you want. I can think of few recipes to prepare with this range of foods, but it sure would make the mill at the end sacásemos some delicious food and the diet is made more bearable.

At snack time and dinner we started to get protein. For example, we can eat picnic a few ounces of cooked ham. For dinner we eat the vegetables that we feel hungry, accompanied by some kind of meat and grilled fish or eggs.
Types of diets dissociated

There are different types of diets dissociated (Antidieta, Montignac …) and each has different criteria. Some include milk, some not … all, in the end there are so many that we might liemos when deciding what to choose.

If you’re determined to make a dissociated diet, the best way is try to adopt one that suits your needs and which do not go hungry and do not throw any food less.
Personal experience with dissociated diets

At one time I got to follow this type of diet, but the truth is I did not quite convince me. I eventually tired of eating the same thing and as much fruit throughout the morning.

There are other diets (or ways to eat) that are better suited to my needs that dissociated diet, but as you know, everyone is different and what to me you can go wrong you can do well.

On the Internet you can find many articles which get very well to these diets, and many others that are wrong. In you are making the decision to follow one of these. I know people who have done very well, perhaps you can be one of them.