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Dissociated Diet Well Explained So Slim in 7 Days

The dissociated diet is based on the fact that only one type of food consumed per day does not cause weight gain. Every day you should eat a food such as meat, fish, vegetables, dairy products, eggs or fruit.

The main idea is that you feel full faster if you eat only one type of food. If you eat different foods, the appetite can be stimulated.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Dissociated Diet

The advantage of this diet is that weight loss is decoupled completely clear, due to lack of variety in the diets for weight loss leading to reduced appetite.

The disadvantage is that long term, this diet can cause nutritional problems and weakness. Although this may seem balanced diet, muscles and organs can be weakened during the days of fruits and vegetables, due to lack of protein.

Those who follow this diet coupled may also suffer from fatigue and regain weight after completing the diet. The dissociated diet has no scientific basis and is not recommended for active people or children. For children, this diet may slow its growth.

Example Weekly Menu Diet Dissociated

A sample menu for dissociated diet can include seven ounces of rice, on Monday, eighteen ounces of grilled meat on Tuesday, two pounds of fresh fruit on Wednesday, eighteen ounces of grilled fish on Thursday, two pounds of vegetables Fresh on Friday, six boiled eggs, on Saturday, and dairy products on Sunday.

Always seek medical advice before starting any diet or fitness program.

This weight loss program is not considered complete because it omits many of the essential nutrients during the day and is considered a fast diet because of its effect it has on the body and is dangerous in the long term health.

It is always good to combine weight-loss diets fat burning exercises such as Truth about Abs exercises or exercises for glutes and legs will tone up your body while you lose weight fast.