Healthy Cooking Tips

NutritionsWelcome to a new post. On this occasion I will offer you some tips when cooking and eating.

• Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as you get used to use very little oil when cooking, even going to save money.

• Ensure simmer. In some way our grandmothers did, in this way are juiciest food and you will be more palatable.

• Even if you eat all kinds of fruit, try to eat less often also have the highest fructose, such as bananas. Watermelon is a great option, as you know the apple is very healthy and tasty but, again, there’s lots of variety of fruits you can eat

• Try not to eat fried foods, fat and are much more difficult to digest. There are other good ways to cook and no less desirable as stews, oven, foil …

• The healthiest proteins are fish, turkey and chicken. The turkey and chicken are more buy cialis online no prescription healthy digestive and of course more affordable (as always, I am also concerned your pocket).

• If you do not need to prepare meatballs dipped in flour and bread crumbs and then fry them in plenty of oil before cooking. With very little flour is enough, about 7 gr. 3 people, incredible, right? Nor need frying, once rolled in flour and cooked you. Write me if you want to know how.

• Important foods high in iron. The best part? MUSSELS. There are a thousand different ways of cooking, look no further steam with a squeeze of lemon will be spectacular and most healthy. You ensure a good source of iron.

• Remind OMEGA3 oil also. You do not need to take supplements in capsule form, for anything. Once a week Take a can of sardine in olive oil (oil drained) and have covered the quota. Yummy snack of sardines! Although it is not abuse the bread. With a baked potato and salad, perfect will.

• Speaking of bread, better integrated and more toasting. You have many varieties even without salt,
• If you make a salad with lettuce, cut the lettuce (shredded fine) seems much more abundant (remember what to eat for the eyes). It’s a good trick.

• The cookies? The desserts? Better without sugar. In your grocery store you will find many varieties that do not envy anything to the sugary and if you go to prepare a dessert at home, you can use sweeteners can even go in the oven. I assure you that you can do real wonders! There are recipes you can use ingredients that will not miss for anything short of sugar or a high amount of fat. You will notice that neither you nor they will realize they have no sugar. Hmmm! What so delicious tiramisu!

• The chocolate, as we said, even without sugar. There are chains that sell very good sugar-free chocolates and cheaply.

• Created we’ve had enough. Do not forget now take your tea after the meal. Mint is excellent.

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