Artichoke Leaf Extract for Weight Loss

Artichoke Leaf Extract For Weight Loss

The artichoke diet are commonly used in the kitchen, where usually prepared boiled or steamed until soft. The leaves are removed and eaten one at a time, and can be dipped in sauce, vinegar, butter, mayonnaise, garlic, lemon juice or other sauces. In France, artichokes are a very popular fried companion. In Italy, the artichoke hearts in oil are common in spring pizza. Artichoke tea is also available as a commercial product area.

Apart from its main culinary uses, artichokes and artichoke extract for weight loss also offer a wide variety of health benefits for humans. Numerous studies conducted on artichoke, were found to have antioxidant properties, reduce plasma cholesterol in hypercholesterolemia adults (with high cholesterol), reduce symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and also improve the quality of life in people concomitant dyspepsia (indigestion).

Then explore some of these health benefits offered by the artichoke to lose weight and make some pictures with clinical studies to artichokes and artichoke leaf extract.

Health Benefits of leaf extract of artichoke to lose weight fast

In our investigation of the artichoke to lose weight, we reviewed numerous human clinical studies, which clearly demonstrates the many health benefits offered by the artichoke leaf extract – it is important to note here that while some animal studies were conducted laboratory, most of these studies reviewed were performed with real human beings, which is important, because they are more indicative of actual results in human subjects, unlike the results in animals. As mentioned above, there are many health benefits of artichokes, and include:

Antioxidant properties of artichoke diet:

  • Reduces symptoms of indigestion
  • Reduces symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome
  • Reduces plasma cholesterol levels in people with high cholesterol

The artichoke leaf extract for weight loss – Reduce cholesterol

As briefly mentioned earlier, artichoke leaf extract diet reduces cholesterol levels. In the study mentioned above, although it was designed to determine the antioxidant properties of artichoke diet, the study also found that artichoke extract also significantly reduced cholesterol levels in competitive rowers. Here we share two additional studies on the beneficial effects of the artichokes in reducing cholesterol levels.

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