6 Types of Body to Lose Weight

If you’re like most women, certainly there are parts of your body that you would like to reduce either your abdomen or waist and others who wanted to enlarge and shape such as the buttocks and legs. Have you ever wondered what kind of body I have? And why is it so important when losing weight? These 6 types of body will help you identify your figure and your plan to lose weight. We’ll tell you what exercises to do and which to avoid according to your body type.

Anyone who has done exercises to lose weight can ever tell you that there is no single exercise program to burn fat that works for everyone. With all the information you have on hand, you feel confused about how to exercises that properly fits the needs of your body type? There is a solution. Identify how your body can save a lot of guesswork and help you improve your exercise program exercises abdominal or buttocks to meet your needs.

The shape or body type is a direct result of your genes and your lifestyle. Come cast your parents, your grandparents, and so on, but even that is true, have the power to change the plan. This change is possible according to your lifestyle, which is what you eat and your activity level.

The 6 Ways to Lose Weight Fast

There are 6 types of body shapes that are consistent with women:

The Type A

The woman “type A” is also known as the spoon-shaped. “These people carry extra weight in the lower region of the body especially the hips, thighs and buttocks, while their waist and bust are small. Need to find a balance by extending the contour of the shoulders and back.

Cardio: This body type should focus on cardio for the base region in order to get rid of extra weight on that body part. The best exercises are walking, cycling and the elliptical. Resistance training should be kept low to moderate. Prevent the escalation, which can increase the size of the legs.

Resistance Training: To balance and harmonize your body type, adds more weight to the shoulder press, weights front side and press. Keep the reps for the upper middle region of the body between 6 and 8.
It is better to squat or moderate, and include more leg extensions and lunges. Keep your legs repeats between 10 and 15 for your body type.

The Type V

The woman “type V”, also known as “cone” has shoulders six inches wider than the hips or longer. Usually have a large bust, narrow hips and thin legs. Need to find a balance by strengthening the lower body to be put on par with the top for this form of body.

Cardio: The climber is a good form of cardio to burn calories and enlarge the legs in this type of body. Inclined treadmill is also an option, but for this body type is best to avoid the elliptical, as long thin legs.

Resistance Training: To increase the size of the legs on this body type, focus on quality training for the thighs. Most of your leg exercises should consist of basic movements powerful, such as squats, leg press and hack. To end this form of body, what exercises are best shapers such as leg extensions and lunges? Use moderate to heavy weights, and keep the reps lower end between 6 and 8.

The Type H

The woman “type H” has an athletic build, but have shoulders and hips very long, and lacks symmetry in this type of body. This body shape is square and as a bloc. Those with the “type H” need to pay close attention to symmetry, minimizing the waist.

Cardio, cardio options need to focus on slimming the upper body and emphasize the symmetry in this type of body. This can be achieved with the inclined treadmill and stair climber.

Resistance training: You need a lower training appropriate to balance broad shoulders in this form of body. Concentrate most of your training in the squat, the leg press and hack, and ends with extensions and lunges. Use moderate weight and reps hard at between 6 and 8.

The Rule

Chest size, waist and hips of the “rule” are virtually identical. This woman is thin, has a high metabolism and not gains weight easily.

Cardio: It should be a minimum of cardio, preferably the climber, and focus more on endurance training for this type of body.

Resistance Training: Training should be brief and intense as this body type. Should train each muscle group once a week. Should focus on the intensity, symmetry and building through training of shoulder, back and right leg. Use hard compound movements like bench press, shoulder press, front press, squats, etc. You must emphasize on building muscle, so keep your repetitions between 6 and 8.

The Type 8

The “type 8″, also called the “hourglass” is genetically lucky. Their height and weight for your body shape. Their bust and hips are the same size, and waist is 30 inches smaller … from the point of view of experts is the perfect figure. When you gain weight is distributed evenly and likewise when they lose fat.

Cardio: Cardio should be balanced with training for this type of body. Any cardio technique is good and what is best to keep the variety.

Resistance Training: This is the body type for bodybuilding and fitness excellence. A balanced training with a variety of exercises works well. Many find it productive to change the program every 6 or 8 weeks, and a variation in the range of repetition keeps the body off guard.

The Type Oval

The “oval type, also known as” apple “is average height (or lower), large bust, slender legs and gain weight in the midsection.

Cardio, cardio routines are needed as the inclined treadmill and stair climber to generate an overall weight loss. Avoid the ellipsis, as legs too thin for this type of body.

Resistance Training: Strength training should focus on the legs to create a balance with the top on this body type. Includes more squat, leg press and hack to bring the lower body to the highest level. Keep the reps between 6 and 8 for balance.

Now you have the best quality information on how to train according to the shape of your body. What are you waiting for? Get busy and get in the cockpit!