The Solution to Obesity

Obesity is a real life problem that is spreading like an epidemic across the Western world, but especially in the U.S. and Mexico. This has led to literally 1,000 of food and a huge money making industry that has grown around the need for people desperate to shed those kilos. However there is much more to lose weight and obesity than a simple diet!.

The diets are good for emergency weight loss, but are in fact just a quick fix is obesity as a disease and needs time to heal and regain their health and shape. Many people go through a weight loss diet and actually lose weight and are ecstatic! Then, when they return to a normal diet the pounds come back and soon are the same, or worse, heavier than they were at first. They become depressed, give up and resign them to being overweight.

This need not happen to you if you follow these steps:
Avoid fad diets (the fashion) and “rapid weight loss diets.”
You must do something more than diet. You need a plan of exercise and mental conditioning … change the way we think about things.

You do not want to chase the popular fad diets. They only get their money while providing poor results, as only temporary weight loss and unhealthy. Your body is not made for this type of diet, and you may end up gaining the weight right back. You must change your eating habits and lifestyle forever. For this purpose only:

* Get rid of all junk foods, sodas and sweets.
Eat smaller portions.
* You need more water. Try to drink August 16 ounce glasses of water a day.
* Get more fiber rich foods in your diet, to fill up faster.
Apply other techniques to lose weight besides just diet. A great way to start is to start exercising.

Exercise: This is one of the most important parts of a plan for successful weight loss. Just about every other day to exercise for 20 minutes while effectively. If you can do more than great. If you do this you will quickly be on your way to burning fat.

Change your thinking: Think positively with the will to succeed. When you know you have a problem and set your mind to it there will be fixed to stop. It takes desire and focus to change the way you eat to burn fat. You should also relax as stress can also be a factor in weight gain.

Solution to Obesity: Make a Lifestyle Change

Now you think you really want to go on a diet? No, you want to change your lifestyle. When you put these techniques to the work that lose as much weight as you think you need. Then move into a fuller life as a new and slimmer you.

The Dissociated Diet

Diet disociadaEntre the many diets that can be found, one of which is dissociated diet. The foundations of dissociated diet is based on not mixing carbohydrates with proteins in the same meal. Generally, it is intended that carbohydrates are eaten during the early morning hours, and proteins (meat, fish) are taken to the dinner.

Some time ago I wrote a post where he explained the dissociated diet I saw on Antena 3. I gave my point of view but, for your information, step detallaros a little more what the dissociated diet and valoréis yourselves if you follow it worth it or not.

A day in the diet coupled

Upon awakening, you can take as much fruit as you like, excluding bananas and the fruits that have as many calories. During this breakfast, you can see the fruit used to be satisfied and to provide lots of fiber. I do not see anyone who has the courage to eat 3 pieces of fruit at breakfast, but hey, if you follow it well, I think you have to eat a considerable amount of fruit just get up.

At lunchtime, the same. More fruit and more carbohydrates to fill you walking around your body. In my mid-morning I feel like something like half a sandwich of bread with some turkey inside, but hey, the diet is, and so I explain it.

For lunch, we went to eat more carbohydrates, this time more fiber (vegetables that you feel like doing) and bread, pasta or bread on the amount you want. I can think of few recipes to prepare with this range of foods, but it sure would make the mill at the end sacásemos some delicious food and the diet is made more bearable.

At snack time and dinner we started to get protein. For example, we can eat picnic a few ounces of cooked ham. For dinner we eat the vegetables that we feel hungry, accompanied by some kind of meat and grilled fish or eggs.
Types of diets dissociated

There are different types of diets dissociated (Antidieta, Montignac …) and each has different criteria. Some include milk, some not … all, in the end there are so many that we might liemos when deciding what to choose.

If you’re determined to make a dissociated diet, the best way is try to adopt one that suits your needs and which do not go hungry and do not throw any food less.
Personal experience with dissociated diets

At one time I got to follow this type of diet, but the truth is I did not quite convince me. I eventually tired of eating the same thing and as much fruit throughout the morning.

There are other diets (or ways to eat) that are better suited to my needs that dissociated diet, but as you know, everyone is different and what to me you can go wrong you can do well.

On the Internet you can find many articles which get very well to these diets, and many others that are wrong. In you are making the decision to follow one of these. I know people who have done very well, perhaps you can be one of them.

Milk Flaxseed Oil for Weight Loss

There are claims that if you take milk birdseed diet, this could cure diabetes, hypertension, and help you lose weight significantly. But it’s just another one of those fads? Investigated more thoroughly about this home remedy to lose weight fast and natural.

The answer is no, this is not a simple fashion, if you listen to those who practice homeopathic medicine. In fact, they suggest that the health benefits of milk to thin canary are almost miraculous.

What the Canary?

Canary water is used for hypertension and cholesterol reduction, say experts in homeopathic medicine. They use it for anything that has to do with heart and weight loss. This has a lot of omegas in it, beneficial to health.

Properties and Benefits of the Flaxseed Oil for Weight Loss

The benefits of canary seed or birdseed are enormous. Practitioners of homeopathic medicine are not the only ones touting the potential of the seeds. Spanish television ads praising the food of birds as one of the world’s most powerful seed. A simple liquid mixture of canary seed is known as canary seed milk to thin and supposedly could cure diabetes and to help you lose weight.

Milk diet of bird seed is also supposed to also help with diseases of the pancreas, liver psoriasis, and has a very powerful enzyme recharge. Subsequently, the enzymes are supposed to be ideal for the swelling of internal organs like the liver, pancreas and kidneys. Other benefits are: very high in protein, as much as 2 to 3 kg of red meat. Moreover, according to reports, help for gout, edema, gastritis and stomach ulcers. Moreover, the preparation of the Canary Islands is said to help lose weight and helps purify the fat in the veins, arteries, or simply fat deposits, which make it a great remedy for obesity.

Canary Seeds for Humans? How to Prepare Canary Seed Milk

All the recipes of home remedies for weight loss quote you just have to soak and make birdseed water, eating about five tablespoons of flaxseed oil diet milk overnight. According to the diet of canary seed, the seeds are removed from the water in the morning. Place in blender, add the soy milk and honey. You should drink at least twice a day for three months. It is also advisable to give the milk diet of bird seed a break one day a week. There are also recipes that include milk canary in eggplant and salad dressings.

There are some negative data on the human consumption of flaxseed oil outside of Canada. This certainly suggests that the canary has been linked to esophageal cancer. But his suggestion is before you start eating or drinking like a bird, seek professional help first.

They also recommend alfalfa seed and flax seed liquid similar to milk mixture of bird seed to lose weight. Also be advised not to leave the medical regimen prescribed by a doctor without talking to the doctor.

Dissociated Diet Well Explained So Slim in 7 Days

The dissociated diet is based on the fact that only one type of food consumed per day does not cause weight gain. Every day you should eat a food such as meat, fish, vegetables, dairy products, eggs or fruit.

The main idea is that you feel full faster if you eat only one type of food. If you eat different foods, the appetite can be stimulated.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Dissociated Diet

The advantage of this diet is that weight loss is decoupled completely clear, due to lack of variety in the diets for weight loss leading to reduced appetite.

The disadvantage is that long term, this diet can cause nutritional problems and weakness. Although this may seem balanced diet, muscles and organs can be weakened during the days of fruits and vegetables, due to lack of protein.

Those who follow this diet coupled may also suffer from fatigue and regain weight after completing the diet. The dissociated diet has no scientific basis and is not recommended for active people or children. For children, this diet may slow its growth.

Example Weekly Menu Diet Dissociated

A sample menu for dissociated diet can include seven ounces of rice, on Monday, eighteen ounces of grilled meat on Tuesday, two pounds of fresh fruit on Wednesday, eighteen ounces of grilled fish on Thursday, two pounds of vegetables Fresh on Friday, six boiled eggs, on Saturday, and dairy products on Sunday.

Always seek medical advice before starting any diet or fitness program.

This weight loss program is not considered complete because it omits many of the essential nutrients during the day and is considered a fast diet because of its effect it has on the body and is dangerous in the long term health.

It is always good to combine weight-loss diets fat burning exercises such as Truth about Abs exercises or exercises for glutes and legs will tone up your body while you lose weight fast.

Artichoke Capsules and Pills to Lose Weight

Properties of artichoke extract for weight loss

For diuretic and cleansing properties of artichoke extract is an ideal complement to your diet to lose weight. The capsules and tablets act as artichoke in weight loss diets, from stimulating the digestive and elimination of the organism. Find out how the artichoke help you lose those extra kilos.
The properties of the artichoke, make this plant as an aid in weight loss diets, due to its effect on drainage. The use of the artichoke as a supplement for weight control diets, has become popular through its dissemination in the media. Thus, in any herbalist or even at the supermarket you can find capsules and tablets for sale artichoke.

Artichoke facilitates the production of gastric juices and bile acids, as aids digestion. It also reduces cholesterol levels, has hepatoprotective effect and is slightly laxative and diuretic. Thus, the artichoke helps all disposal systems, which gives purifying, useful in weight loss diets.

For its bitter taste, Artichoke and hence also the artichoke capsules and tablets are contraindicated during breastfeeding because it could transfer an unpleasant taste to milk. By encouraging the formation of bile acids, is also contraindicated artichoke consumption in case of obstruction of the bile ducts.

Except where indicated, can swallow capsules or tablets of artichoke in your diets. The dosage is according to the particular characteristics, as well as your weight, but on average, the recommended intake of 6 capsules daily artichoke spread over three doses, after meals.

Apple Diet for Weight Loss

The apple diet is low in calories, vitamins and bioactive nutrients. In 3 days lose 5 pounds or about 2 kilos. You can try to follow this diet to lose weight quickly from time to time, but the results are not as impressive. This time we present the properties and benefits of the block to lose weight fast.

Properties and Benefits of the Apple Diet for Weight Loss

The apple diet is safe and short. Pectin, fruit acids and potassium burns calories and improves your metabolism and your digestion. Anyone can do it. Do not feel hungry with these properties of this fruit and apples glucose keep your blood sugar at the appropriate level?
Choose different types of apples, medium size. Do not peel because there are many nutrients below the skin. But few are the calories of an apple? Each block contains about 90 calories.

Day-1 of the Apple Diet for Weight Loss

1 slice of bread + 1 tablespoon of cottage cheese + 3 apple slices
Between breakfast and lunch at the apple diet
1 apple + 1 cookie

Fish salad: 5 oz of fish + 1 apple + 1 orange + 5 sticks of celery. Dressing: 2.5 oz low fat yogurt + juice of a lemon. You can add a little salt.
Between lunch and dinner: 3 oz low-fat cottage cheese + 1 apple.

2 sandwiches with rye bread and cheese. Cover a slice of the sandwich with slices of apple and the other with slices of cucumber.

Day-2 of the Apple Diet for Weight Loss

Cereal: 1 grated apple (with skin) + 1 tablespoon raisins oats + 1 oz + 5 oz low fat milk.
Between breakfast and lunch 1 apple

1 pancake (1 oz of flour, 6 tablespoons low-fat milk) + 1 egg (salt, sugar substitute and cinnamon, is up to you). Fill-in pancake: 1 apple slice.

3 oz low fat yogurt + 1 / 2 block.

1.5 ounces of rice mixed with sliced apple and a banana.

Day-3 of the Apple Diet for Weight Loss

1 slice of rye bread + 2 or 3 tablespoons low-fat cottage cheese + 1 apple.
Between breakfast and lunch an apple drink 1 + 5 oz shredded low-fat yogurt + lemon juice + cinnamon.

3 oz chicken breast or lean steak covered: (boil for 5 to 7 minutes) 1 apple chopped sweet red pepper + 1 + 1 teaspoon lemon juice + 2 tsp sugar + 3 tablespoons water. Add salt, pepper & vinegar.
Snacks tea time in the diet of the apple: 1 block.

Salad: Slice 2 carrots and 1 medium apple, add 1 teaspoon of raisins and 2 ounces low-fat cheese. Dressing: 2 teaspoons sour cream + 2 tablespoons low-fat milk + about 2 tablespoons of sugar or substitute low-calorie artificial sweetener.

7 Properties of Quinoa to Lose Weight

Quinoa is a grain food of Bolivia. Popularly known as quinoa, is similar in size and texture of rice, but quinoa has more nutrients unique. The properties of the diet quinoa can be used in their diets to lose weight instead of rice to help you lose weight.

1. Quinoa has recently been labeled by many nutritionists as a super food.
Among the properties of quinoa to thin, this super food status, because it is an excellent source of protein and a good course of healthy carbohydrates. The combination of protein and complex carbohydrates can make you feel fuller for longer. By eating a serving of quinoa instead of rice with your dinner, you can avoid cravings and avoid snacking between meals.

2. It is a very versatile food recipes for preparing Quinoa.
You can use quinoa in sweet or savory dishes, which is one of the best properties of quinoa to lose weight. Because of the versatility of quinoa, you may not get bored and can incorporate more often in your diet to lose weight. Use it as a starch to accompany vegetable dishes, or mix it with strawberries and yogurt to make slurry of filling.

3. Quinoa is a good source of protein and complex carbohydrates.
They will give your body the energy that will help you in your efforts to lose weight. In addition, the quinoa will make you feel satisfied and not feel like you’re living a life of deprivation from hunger, this is another of the properties of quinoa to lose weight. Come the quinoa several times a week for a great source of protein gluten free. Mix it with other foods that give you energy, as a mixture of vegetables, for extra nutrition.

4. It contains twice the protein of regular cereal grains.
Contains less carbs, more healthy fats, fiber, phosphorus, calcium and is rich in iron.

5. It is the most nutritious of all grains.
And so far has been quite unknown to many properties of quinoa to lose weight, but in their place of origin in South America, region of Bolivia, and by people who have vegetarian meals vegetarian diet free of animal flesh.

6.Dos minerals that are found in the Quinoa are manganese and copper.
The two minerals are one of the properties of quinoa to lose weight as they work together as an antioxidant and help the body fight free radicals that can cause the body to develop cancer and diseases.

7. It contains no gluten.
Another of the wonderful properties of quinoa diet is their lack of gluten, making it ideal for those with weight loss diets free of gluten, also works very well in the glycemic index diet, or diet for diabetes. Is a complete protein, meaning it contains all essential amino acids your body needs, such as meat, eggs and dairy products. An ideal food for vegetarians.

Benefits of Quinoa.

Remedy Ideal for those with a diet low in fat. Quinoa is an excellent food if you take one of the many diets to lose weight, you gain by including all nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay healthy and help you lose weight.

The great thing about the benefits of quinoa diet is that you can help keep the feeling of satiety. Quinoa carbohydrates are released slowly into your body, so you do not have that rush of energy after eating certain other foods and have fewer cravings for sugary foods.

It is very good to help reduce hunger while you’re dieting.
With the inclusion of quinoa in your diet, these properties will gain diet quinoa many other health benefits and can help with many health problems such as migraines.

Because quinoa is high in magnesium, can help limit the amount of headaches that you purchase. Magnesium is a mineral that is very beneficial for relaxing the blood vessels.

Riboflavin (vitamin B2) is another source found in the quinoa, it helps your cells with adequate energy production, and has also been shown to help reduce the amount of migraines that a person can suffer.

If you suffer from fungal infections (candidacies), you can enjoy this wonderful food, nutritious, and that does not feed the bacteria and fungi, other properties of quinoa to lose weight.

Health Benefits of Quinoa:

* Helps people with type 2 diabetes
* Heart Disease
* Increased iron in pregnant women
* It can help people with cataracts
* Gallstones
* Can help with asthma

How to Prepare Quinoa to Lose Weight?

Quinoa is prepared in a similar way to cook rice, but only replaces the quinoa in rice dishes and you will enjoy countless delicious recipes using this super food that is not fattening.

6 Types of Body to Lose Weight

If you’re like most women, certainly there are parts of your body that you would like to reduce either your abdomen or waist and others who wanted to enlarge and shape such as the buttocks and legs. Have you ever wondered what kind of body I have? And why is it so important when losing weight? These 6 types of body will help you identify your figure and your plan to lose weight. We’ll tell you what exercises to do and which to avoid according to your body type.

Anyone who has done exercises to lose weight can ever tell you that there is no single exercise program to burn fat that works for everyone. With all the information you have on hand, you feel confused about how to exercises that properly fits the needs of your body type? There is a solution. Identify how your body can save a lot of guesswork and help you improve your exercise program exercises abdominal or buttocks to meet your needs.

The shape or body type is a direct result of your genes and your lifestyle. Come cast your parents, your grandparents, and so on, but even that is true, have the power to change the plan. This change is possible according to your lifestyle, which is what you eat and your activity level.

The 6 Ways to Lose Weight Fast

There are 6 types of body shapes that are consistent with women:

The Type A

The woman “type A” is also known as the spoon-shaped. “These people carry extra weight in the lower region of the body especially the hips, thighs and buttocks, while their waist and bust are small. Need to find a balance by extending the contour of the shoulders and back.

Cardio: This body type should focus on cardio for the base region in order to get rid of extra weight on that body part. The best exercises are walking, cycling and the elliptical. Resistance training should be kept low to moderate. Prevent the escalation, which can increase the size of the legs.

Resistance Training: To balance and harmonize your body type, adds more weight to the shoulder press, weights front side and press. Keep the reps for the upper middle region of the body between 6 and 8.
It is better to squat or moderate, and include more leg extensions and lunges. Keep your legs repeats between 10 and 15 for your body type.

The Type V

The woman “type V”, also known as “cone” has shoulders six inches wider than the hips or longer. Usually have a large bust, narrow hips and thin legs. Need to find a balance by strengthening the lower body to be put on par with the top for this form of body.

Cardio: The climber is a good form of cardio to burn calories and enlarge the legs in this type of body. Inclined treadmill is also an option, but for this body type is best to avoid the elliptical, as long thin legs.

Resistance Training: To increase the size of the legs on this body type, focus on quality training for the thighs. Most of your leg exercises should consist of basic movements powerful, such as squats, leg press and hack. To end this form of body, what exercises are best shapers such as leg extensions and lunges? Use moderate to heavy weights, and keep the reps lower end between 6 and 8.

The Type H

The woman “type H” has an athletic build, but have shoulders and hips very long, and lacks symmetry in this type of body. This body shape is square and as a bloc. Those with the “type H” need to pay close attention to symmetry, minimizing the waist.

Cardio, cardio options need to focus on slimming the upper body and emphasize the symmetry in this type of body. This can be achieved with the inclined treadmill and stair climber.

Resistance training: You need a lower training appropriate to balance broad shoulders in this form of body. Concentrate most of your training in the squat, the leg press and hack, and ends with extensions and lunges. Use moderate weight and reps hard at between 6 and 8.

The Rule

Chest size, waist and hips of the “rule” are virtually identical. This woman is thin, has a high metabolism and not gains weight easily.

Cardio: It should be a minimum of cardio, preferably the climber, and focus more on endurance training for this type of body.

Resistance Training: Training should be brief and intense as this body type. Should train each muscle group once a week. Should focus on the intensity, symmetry and building through training of shoulder, back and right leg. Use hard compound movements like bench press, shoulder press, front press, squats, etc. You must emphasize on building muscle, so keep your repetitions between 6 and 8.

The Type 8

The “type 8″, also called the “hourglass” is genetically lucky. Their height and weight for your body shape. Their bust and hips are the same size, and waist is 30 inches smaller … from the point of view of experts is the perfect figure. When you gain weight is distributed evenly and likewise when they lose fat.

Cardio: Cardio should be balanced with training for this type of body. Any cardio technique is good and what is best to keep the variety.

Resistance Training: This is the body type for bodybuilding and fitness excellence. A balanced training with a variety of exercises works well. Many find it productive to change the program every 6 or 8 weeks, and a variation in the range of repetition keeps the body off guard.

The Type Oval

The “oval type, also known as” apple “is average height (or lower), large bust, slender legs and gain weight in the midsection.

Cardio, cardio routines are needed as the inclined treadmill and stair climber to generate an overall weight loss. Avoid the ellipsis, as legs too thin for this type of body.

Resistance Training: Strength training should focus on the legs to create a balance with the top on this body type. Includes more squat, leg press and hack to bring the lower body to the highest level. Keep the reps between 6 and 8 for balance.

Now you have the best quality information on how to train according to the shape of your body. What are you waiting for? Get busy and get in the cockpit!

6 Properties of Noni to Lose Weight

Home Remedy for Weight Loss

Properties of the noni for weight loss, first of all, Noni (also called the Grand Morin) is a tree that grows in much of the South Pacific and Polynesian Islands. Native to Southeast Asia, and can handle a wide range of soils. Flowers and produces fruit all year. The smell of the Noni fruit is very keen to step mature – sometimes called “cheese fruit” because of this.

The pulp of the fruit that contains properties of noni for weight loss is strained to remove seeds and is widely used in the kitchen of Indonesia and Polynesia. The benefits of the juice from the Noni fruit are well known in traditional Asian medicine. So let’s take a closer look at Noni juice is associated with health benefits provided by this.

For years the properties of the noni for weight loss, the South Pacific islanders have used Noni juice to maintain healthy skin, even against the strong sun that shines every day in their tiny islands. Scientific research suggests that this might be the case. In fact, many patients with current skin problems like acne, found in the Noni juice to aid skin conditions.

For many of those afflicted with skin problems, the only way to deal with these problems has been to take expensive drugs with serious side effects such as nausea and skin blisters. With the introduction of Noni juice to the Western world, this is no longer the case. Simply taking the juice can heal the affected area. Using a cream made of the properties of the noni juice diet would also help heal the cells on the surface of the area involved.

Rich in vitamin C, noni juice provides natural antioxidants that allow the kidneys to increase the flow of urine to eliminate toxins from the body. Another property of noni for weight loss, it works to correct problems in the structure of proteins and cells. Working at the cellular level, Noni Fruit Pies solves problems ranging from cancer to digestive distress.

What are other Benefits of Noni juice?

DEPRESSION: The properties of the noni juice diet contain compounds antidepressants in the form of two sugars, inulin and nystosa and succinic acid, a compound created from simple sugars. Noni juice also contains xeronina that causes a feeling of comfort, opening the receiving parts of the brain to receive more endorphin hormone.

RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS: There is promising evidence about the properties of the noni for weight loss, such as help reduce inflammatory conditions, strengthening the bones and ligaments. People with rheumatoid arthritis report relief of pain and swelling and increased mobility.

MENSTRUAL PROBLEMS: China Traditional medicine has been prescribed for centuries Noni juice in the treatment of irregular menstrual cycles in women, especially when accompanied with back pain and pelvic area.
Studies show that within the properties of the noni for weight loss, it stimulates the immune system, regulating cell function and cellular regeneration of damaged cells. It has also been shown to increase strength and is believed to be beneficial in the treatment of impotence and infertility.

Despite the weight loss diets and health benefits of drinking pure Noni juice is important to use this drink moderately and properties of the noni for weight loss. Some manufacturers concentrate it and others do not. Therefore, follow the instructions on the dosage found on the back of the bottle. Noni juice works slowly and is best taken daily over a period of six to eight weeks for best results and obtaining the benefits mentioned above.

4 Benefits of Flaxseed for Weight Loss in Women

Meals and diet linseed meal have been studied a little late to find beneficial effects of health protection of women. Flaxseed is particularly rich in lignans, special compounds also found in other seeds, grains and legumes, which are converted by the intestinal flora in hormonal substances called enterolactone and enterodiol. More thoroughly studied the health benefits of women.

1. Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer. Special Protection of Flax for Health of Women

These hormonal agents demonstrated a large number of protective effects against breast cancer, and is believed to be the reason that vegetarian diets are associated with diets and weight loss with a reduced risk of breast cancer. Some studies show that women with breast cancer and omnivorous women usually excrete much lower levels of lignans in their urine than vegetarian women without breast cancer. In some animal studies conducted to evaluate the beneficial effects of lignans, was reduced by 55% over the first markers of breast cancer in laboratory animals, supplying high-fat diet with flaxseed flour diet.

What does this mean in simple words? Eating about an ounce of ground flaxseed daily diet affect the way estrogen is handled in postmenopausal women, so they offer protection against breast cancer without interfering with the role of estrogen in maintaining bone.

In addition to reducing the risk of developing cancer in women, lignans can promote normal ovulation and extend the second half of the cycle, progesterone dominates. There are many benefits of these effects. For women trying to conceive, consistent ovulation significantly increases their chances of conception. For women between 35 and 55 experiencing premenopausal symptoms as irregular menstrual cycles, breast cysts, headaches, sleep difficulties, fluid retention, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, weight gain, decreased sexual appetite, cognitive dysfunction, fibroid tumors and heavy bleeding, a common cause is estrogen dominance.

Generally, during the 10 years prior to the loss of the period, estrogen levels fluctuate while progesterone fell steadily. Flaxseed, by promoting normal ovulation and lengthening the second half of the menstrual cycle, which is the dominant hormone progesterone helps restore hormonal balance.

2. Flax Reduces Attacks Heat Menopause And nearly 60%

A group of researchers sought to 29 postmenopausal women who had experienced at least 14 hot flashes per week for at least a month, but did not take estrogen for breast cancer risk. After taking 40 g of ground flaxseed daily diet for six weeks, the frequency of attacks decreased by 50% and the overall balance of attacks decreased on average by 57% in the 21 women who completed the study.

3. Flaxseed Weight Loss Helps Prevent and Control High Blood Pressure

Individuals who consume higher amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega 3-and flaxseed diet and lose weight fast, is an excellent source of this essential fats-have lower pressure than those who consume less.

4. Flaxseed Weight Loss Benefits Provides Lower Cholesterol Comparable with those of Stating Drugs

In a study in 40 patients with high cholesterol (over 240 mg / dL), we compared the daily consumption of 20 g ground flaxseed diet with stating drugs. After 60 days, significant reductions in total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and total HDL-cholesterol in both groups. Those taking flaxseed score as well as taking stating drugs!